Calmeria are a white seeded variety. Cylindrical shape berry with pale green skin. A relatively thick berry skin covers a fleshy pulp. Pleasant but neutral flavour.


Ralli Grapes are pale red / pink grape with softish fruit, a slight crunch, very low acidity and good sweetness. There is often a slight muscat flavour in more mature fruit making Ralli is quite irresistible once you start eating. It is also a popular variety because it stores very well, so can keep successfully during long-distance shipping. The berry is slightly elliptical in shape.

Golden Globe

Golden Globe grapes have very large berries and a sweet, delicate flavor. Cross between a Red Globe and Menindee seedless, with a slight muscat flavor.

Red Globe

Red Globe grapes vary from light pink to dark red, but are almost always large-berried and tend to grow on large bunches. They keep well, so tend to have a long season from any one growing area.


Crimson is a light red, oval-shaped grape with a thick skin, firm crisp flesh and a sweet neutral juicy flavor. At its peak it is crisp and firm, and is popular with supermarkets due to its excellent storage capability. Crimson grapes mature towards the end of the season in a grape region, so will be the last from a growing area before the red grape switches to the next region.

Menindee Seedless

Menindee Seedless are light green to yellow oval-shaped grape with deliciously sweet, firm flesh and no seeds.

Autumn Royal

Autumn Royal is a late-season black grape. It has large, elongated purple-black berries with a crunchy skin, firm texture and a pleasant, distinctive flavour. It is generally seedless with attractive, translucent yellow-green flesh.

Thompson Seedless

Thompson (also called Sultana grapes – where sultanas come from), are the most widely eaten grape, we’re a medium to oval-shaped grape, have a light green skin and are very sweet and juicy, and have no seeds.